blogs i follow (+ two boxes finally unpacked)

I wish I could recall the first blog I read, years ago... I cannot.

I do still keep up with several at least a couple of times a week these days, though a couple of favorites have *disappeared completely (as did my own {Essaysaftermidnight} at the beginning of this summer)....~ ((*I will plan to update the blogger-profile soon, LW. :) ))

The following are my some of my current favorites in random order, though the first few were ones discovered ((most likely)) before I'd ever heard of 31-days or its creator--The Nester~. (Hope you enjoy them, as well) ---

A Stable Beginning - discovered near the beginning of our own home-education journey {a decade ago-- wow!} ~ full of home-ed-love, family-love, curricula reviews, meaning-filled-days, & fun.

Under the Sycamore - discovered many years ago ~ also family-centric, home-ed-love, life is beautiful in all its seasons & challenges. Amen. (and pro photography tips!)

Confessions of a Homeschooler - found many years ago ~ school-at-ho…

still in the land of 6,000-something... A Rearranged Goal (+ tomorrow: blogs i follow)

So, I have changed the goal from "first draft in five days" to "see this story through to its best end-- no matter how long it takes... make it a true priority daily; live in its space with great frequency.

*The updated goal for the here&now? Is to rearrange a separate, partial story (already written) to send out in search of rejection letters~

What do you think?
I like it.

Now-- what I did this afternoon:
1. Went for a three-hour drive (by myself), during which I thought a lot about the story (this is, of course, as important as the actual writing).... i <3 the digital voice-recorder i use (Convoice Portable/Multifunction. dvrecrdr  [w/built-in 8GB memory] which i bought on amazon c. last March).
2. Stopped back by my favorite, local "flea mall" and found a couple of treasures~~
3. (Which reminded me---) Got two (2) boxes from the garage to unpack / go through as I watch a movie later tonight, LW~ I will plan to share photos of the contents + whether…

6,478: current wordcount (wc)... nearing 10%...~

I closed out the folder at 3,140 words last night. I felt all right with the obvious need to revise my too-too lofty "five-day" plans.

Sleep found me quickly, then deserted me in the same way: just an hour into the snores I heard some unidentifiable noise-- maybe in the backyard? or in the neighboring cornfield...? eek? My eyes stayed wide and the delicious drowsiness faded completely into the midnight-airwaves.....

I tried to clear my mind, to allow myself to return to slumber and sleep.

After a while, however... I reached out in the dark to grasp my laptop from its propped-spot against my nightstand, and made my way down the gray hallway to the living room, where I opened it, dimmed the screen further, sat sideways on the couch, and got lost in the story....~

It is afternoon now, and I am getting ready to re-enter the quiet pages.

Hope you have a calm, lovely weekend spent in nature~

just 3,093 words so far

Added just one hundred words, give or take, before going to bed last night; tonight, I opened the folder to re-read what I've already written at 7:17 p.m.... It is now 8:55pm-- and my husband is about to read the conclusion of the final Clementine book [by Sara Pennypacker] to our daughter {and me} in our living room. Therefore, the continuing-writing must wait para ahora (for now). I am totally cool with this. :)

A's popcorn is ready & here we go! *Clementine~!*!

2,970 words before sunrise.

Last Thursday afternoon, I was reading Just One More Thing: Stories from my Life, by Peter Falk (a.k.a., Columbo), while also riding the recumbent, stationary bike in my bedroom, when an idea began to materialize in my mind for a new novel. Clutched in the grip of this new storyline, I showered and left for a drive. Ideas need quiet space to solidify in a highly distract-able mind....~

I could not bring myself to speak the ideas aloud on the drive; therefore, the voice-entry into my (marvel of a) digital recorder is full of random excitement and absent prospective details (though I did capture a few ideas from another, previous new-storyline). Since then, I have typed a few abbreviated chapter-ideas at my daughter's typewriter-- but none of these writing sessions have been overly productive: I have experienced a vast inability to translate the thoughts I can see in my mind's eye to intelligible paragraphs on screen or paper.

Until last night.

Though there were myriad distrac…


// 9:54pm - answered a note that just came in from a fellow home-ed friend via fb-im...
10:01pm-- To write or not to write-- here--- that is my present-question. 10:02pm\\\